Market Research – Questionnaire

From today we established that we will probably conduct our market research through means of a questionnaire.

The short-listed questions are:

1.How often do you visit the cinema?

Weekly | Monthly  | Every 2-3 months | Every 3-6 months | Every 6-12 months
2. How do you pay for your trip to the cinema?
Cash | Credit/debit card | Online via credit/debit card
3. What time of day do you mostly visit the cinema?
Between 9-12pm | Between 12-3pm | Between 3-6pm | Between 6-9pm | Between 9-12pm
4. Who do you go with to the cinema?
Nobody, I go alone | Friends | Family | Other: please specify
5. Do you currently use the Odeon cinema app?
Yes | No
6. Other than those relating to food, what offers would you like to receive?
Teen-only screenings | BOGOF | Points collection scheme | Monthly membership | Other: please specify
7. Do you stream films using services such as Netflix, BBC iplayer, Now TV etc.
Yes | No
8. What events would you attend if Odeon were to hold them?
Gig/festival screenings | Back-to-back showings (of trilogies for example) | Teen-only events | Teen-only social space | Other: please specify
9. Do you prefer Cineworld or Odeon cinemas?
Yes | No
Please justify your choice:
10. What would you like to see introduced into Odeon cinemas?