Market Research – Notes for Natz

Market Research

Why have we conducted market research?

  • To identify current thoughts surrounding Odeon
  • Ultimately – to create an innovative and suitable attraction for teens at Odeon

What did our market research show?

  • The majority of teens visit the cinema either monthly, or every 2-3 months
  • Teens tend to visit the cinema with their friends
  • 100% of teens surveyed use media streaming services
  • Teens would be attracted to the cinema if BOGOF tickets were offered
  • 75% of teens surveyed would attend streamed events, like gigs and festivals
  • 75% of teens would attend back-to-back showings of films, like trilogies for example

In conclusion…

  • Our market research clearly identified that teens want an event-based experience
  • As opposed to your average film screening, teens (WE) want to watch streamed gigs and , or day-long events where trilogies are shown, in a teen-dedicated screen; that way we can still socialise with their friends, who we most commonly visit the cinema with, whilst being in a safe and secure environment. This idea also addresses the issue of otherwise having to pay a lot of money to physically attend the gig or festival.
  • Because of our market research, we propose ESCAPE!